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Hay fever

Homeopathy & Seasonal Allergies



Hay fever

There are many homeopathic remedies to treat acute seasonal allergic flare-ups.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo–controlled trial published in the Lancet (October 18, 1986) it concluded that twelve homeopathic remedies where effective in reducing hay fever symptoms depending on the individuals symptoms. An individual’s symptoms are very important in homeopathy and as you can see from the remedies listed below a runny nose is not just a runny nose!  The correct remedy must match the symptoms and if your runny nose causes the skin to get sore under the nose, for example, then this is a very important distinction to get to the correct homeopathic remedy for you.

Some of the common remedies for seasonal allergies are Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Sabidilla, Arundo, Arsenicum, Ambrosia, and Natrum Muriaticum. However, for lasting relief, constitutional homeopathic care is needed to build a strong immune system throughout the year.

ALLIUM CEPA: This remedy is indicated when the nose runs like a tap! There is watery discharge from the nose that causes redness under the nose and on the upper lip.  Often accompanied by sneezing fits and a tickling cough.  You may experience a dull head ache and feel better in open air but worse in a cold room or cold air.

EUPHRASIA: This remedy is all about the eyes! The eyes are watery and the tears scold the skin leaving it red.  There may be swelling of the eyelids and the eyes are very sensitive to the light.  Generally the person feels worse in the mornings and worse in a warm room but do feel better in the outdoors.

SABIDILLA: This remedy is all about the sneeze! There are violent sneezing fits with tingling and itching in the nose.  There is watery discharge form both the nose and the eyes which makes the sneezing worse.  Tends to be left sided inflammation.  The person needing this remedy is worse in the open air and better in the warmth.

ARUNDO: This remedy is all about the itch! There is an itch just inside the nose and often you try to wiggle the tip of the nose to try and scratch the inside of the nose to relieve the itch.  Often said to have an itch on the roof of the mouth.  There can also be excessive salivation.

ARSENICUM: This is a remedy for all the people suffering from stuffiness, abundant watery nasal discharge that burns the lips, burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and/or throat, sneezing upon waking accompanied by a tickle in the nose, anxiety and restlessness; their symptoms are better with warmth.

AMBROSIA: The symptoms when needing this remedy include congestion of the whole upper respiratory tract.  It has the common symptoms of hay fever such as red nose, nasal congestion and watery discharge.  The eyelids are itchy with watering of the eyes.

NATRUM MURIATICUM: This remedy should be taken if the person is suffering from symptoms including sneezing fits or hay fever that starts with sneezing attacks that are worse in the morning, especially around 10 am. Discharge from the nose can be watery and then turn to egg-white consistency.  The nose can alternate between being runny to being stuffed up.  Often the person needing this remedy suffers from cold sores and dry cracked lips.  They also tend to be very thirsty.

As always, for the best result using homeopathic remedies be sure to see a registered homeopath who practices classical homeopathy. To find a registered homeopath in Ontario, Canada click on the following link College of Homeopaths.


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