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Do you have Arnica in your home?


Arnica is probably the most well-known homeopathic medicine and it is often said to be the remedy that makes believers out of non-believers!

It is the 1st remedy for shock or trauma of any injury.   It is the go-to remedy to think of for almost any injury to any tissue or organ of the body which causes any soreness or bruise.  Injuries can be in any form be it from a concussion, heart attack or stroke, car accident or a simple bump or fall.

It can also be used for emotional shock or with any shock when the person suffers from typical shock symptoms such as dilated pupils, increased respiration, increased heart rate, pale gums, shakiness, and sometimes nausea & vomiting.

Arnica is also great to give right before and after surgery, including dental work, to promote healing. It reduces bleeding (and resulting swelling), thereby improving recovery time.  It can also assist in detoxing the body after an anesthesia, especially if the dose is too high.

Arnica also makes a great travel companion. Not only for a first aid remedy, as mentioned above, for any trauma but also for overuse, bruised, strain injuries as well as falls, blows and contusions.  It is the remedy to grab for tinnitus from music concerts or loud air shows, etc. or for fatigue from jet lag, or altitude sickness.

It may be taken in pellet form or as a topical cream (however it should not be applied on open skin wounds). It is even good for settling irritating insect bites.  Arnica has you covered so don’t leave home without it!

With no side effects and an inexpensive price, homeopathic arnica is finding a place in many homes across the country. Do you have homeopathic arnica in your home?

As always, for the best result using homeopathic remedies be sure to see a registered homeopath who practices classical homeopathy. To find a registered homeopath in Ontario, Canada click on the following link College of Homeopaths


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