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Homeopathy acute & chronic conditions

In medicine, an acute condition or disease is a condition or disease with a rapid onset and/or lasting a short duration. In treating acute conditions, the correctly chosen homeopathic medicine frequently works rapidly, gently and permanently.

Commonly known acute disease examples are colds, flu, bronchitis, childhood illnesses, tonsillitis, appendicitis, ear aches, most headaches, most infectious disease, poison ivy, insect bites, etc. as well as any injury from any type of trauma. An interesting aspect of homeopathy is that the more intense and acute the complaint, the more rapidly improvement is likely to take place.

With chronic diseases homeopaths believe that these chronic diseases can best be eliminated by stimulating the repair mechanism of the body with the properly chosen homeopathic medication. It may take several different remedies to correct most chronic conditions because these diseases are usually due to multiple causes and a different medicine is needed for each cause.

Chronic disease is the consequence of many factors including inheritance factors, improper nutrition, emotional tension and an over-abundance of stress from which the body has not been able to recover. The symptoms that are felt are the final manifestation that occur are the end result of these accumulated body assaults. The aim of homeopathy is to become disease-free and not just symptom free.