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Homeopathy: A Natural Choice for Travel

Homeopathy can help with all types of health issues that can arise when traveling be it from the start of your journey with air travel, upsets from changes in food, water and even to keep bugs at bay!

Arnica is a great travel companion.  It is a great remedy for jet lag.  When flying try Arnica in low doses (30C) about half way through the flight and again an hour before landing and then repeat once you have landed.  Repeat the dose again in one to 2 hours for 3 to 4 doses.

But keep your Arnica close at hand even after you have arrived!  As mentioned in another blog, Arnica is great as a first aid tool.  It is good for any trauma in any form be it shock (physical, mental or emotional), overuse injuries, bruises, strains injuries, falls, blows, contusions, head injuries, tinnitus from loud noises such as concerts or fireworks!

The next remedy you might want to consider taking along is Nux Vomica.  A Nux vomica state can develop when our nerves are overtaxed and we overindulge in a variety of ways such as food, coffee, alcohol, rich food, late nights, etc. There may be a tenseness and the person is impatient and snappish and they are angered by contradiction.

When needing this remedy everything backs up and constipation develops and it becomes difficult for the body to effectively cleanse.  The person may feel like they have a “hangover” even when they haven’t been drinking.

So naturally, Nux Vomica is also one to consider for traveler constipation.  One to two doses for three days should help. This remedy is indicated when the stomach feels bloated and there is pressure in the stomach as if a stone was there.  There may also be lots of gas which is worse by eating.

Probably a more common problem is  traveler diarrhea which can also be known as “Montezuma Revenge”.  This is the typical type of diarrhea that is associated with drinking water in foreign areas.  It is characterized by profuse watery diarrhea and sometime will be accompanied by vomiting & fever.  The usual cause is a type of e-coli bacteria but may also be caused by certain viruses.

There are many remedies for this type of issue but one of the most common remedies in acute diarrhea and food poisoning is Arsenicum album.  The person is usually restless and has a great thirst for cold water often taking it in small sips.  They are very chilly and shiver.

So hopefully you haven’t had any of the above issues and have had a chance to get out in the sun!  But if that means sunburn then grab your Arnica again!  This is the first choice for first degree sunburns.

Follow the Arnica with Urticaria Urens if it is a minor first degree burn.  It can be given every 15 minutes until the pain subsides.

You may also want to consider a Calendula cream or gel to soothe the sunburn or when blisters have broken.  Calendula cream/gel is also helpful in any case of cuts, insect bites and skin abrasions.  The gel is a little more cooling than the cream if using it for burns.

But rather than treat your bites it would be best to keep the bugs at bay without toxic insect repellents.  There are homeopathic products on the market such as Mozi-Q that is a formula that is taken by mouth containing 5 different homeopathic remedies.  According to Mozi-Q’s website, studies find it 90% effective in preventing mosquito bites.  A great non-toxic option!

Another companion for your travel first aid kit that you may want to consider is Solvarome by Seroyal.  This is a topical essential oil blend that is excellent in skin conditions such as scratches, cuts, insect bites, sunburns.  But this product also can be used as a mosquito repellent!  You simply put a few drops on your hands and apply on your skin (may want to dilute it for children).  It has a nice smell a bit like lavender so is pleasant to have on.

So there are only a few options you may want to consider adding to your travel kit!  Have a great vacation!

As always, for the best result using homeopathic remedies be sure to see a registered homeopath who practices classical homeopathy. To find a registered homeopath in Ontario, Canada search the College of Homeopaths at http://www.collegeofhomeopaths.on.ca/.

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