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Registered Homeopath

Janice O’Brien

Janice attended the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (http://www.collegeofhomeopaths.on.ca/), where she graduated with a diploma in Homeopathy and Health Sciences. She is also a registered member of the Ontario College of Homeopaths.

Janice has been a health care provider for over 35 years and has always had a strong focus on patient care. She began her career as an X-ray technologist, and later returned to school to retrain as a Radiation Therapist. The decision to change careers came from a need to feel a stronger attachment to the patients and to better serve them and their families through their journey.

To some a career in radiation might seem a far reach from homeopathy and some could even say very contradictory. But in fact x-ray & radiation therapy may be actually thought of as ‘homeopathic’ in that it is used with the same philosophy as homeopathy with ‘Like cures like’. Radiation can cause cancer and it is used to treat cancer …’Like cures like’…which is the basis of homeopathy!

Her personal experience with homeopathy occurred as a result of her own illness. Although she worked and believed in mainstream medicine, it failed to help her with her own medical struggles, which were seriously affecting her life and well-being. Although she also turned to natural medicine for help, it was not until she encountered homeopathy that her health started to improve.

Her recovery sparked her passion and desire to learn about homeopathy, motivating her to once again return to formal studies. These studies have brought her to her own practice—White Willow Homeopathy—through which she can help others with their health concerns.

Being entrusted with your health is an honour and is taken very seriously by Janice. As a homeopath, she will focus on you as an individual—how you experience your symptoms and how they impact your life—and then will work with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Janice always keeps your best interest at the forefront, so that you can find freedom in living the life you want.