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Homeopathy: A Natural Choice for Travel

Homeopathy can help with all types of health issues that can arise when traveling be it from the start of your journey with air travel, upsets from changes in food, water and even to keep bugs at bay! Arnica is a great travel companion.  It is a great remedy for jet lag.  When flying try […]

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Hay fever

Homeopathy & Seasonal Allergies

    There are many homeopathic remedies to treat acute seasonal allergic flare-ups. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo–controlled trial published in the Lancet (October 18, 1986) it concluded that twelve homeopathic remedies where effective in reducing hay fever symptoms depending on the individuals symptoms. An individual’s symptoms are very important in homeopathy and as you can see […]

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Do you have Arnica in your home?

Arnica is probably the most well-known homeopathic medicine and it is often said to be the remedy that makes believers out of non-believers! It is the 1st remedy for shock or trauma of any injury.   It is the go-to remedy to think of for almost any injury to any tissue or organ of the body […]

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Sick ill woman in autumn park sneezing in tissue.

It’s cold & cough season!

  Tis the season! Cough and cold season that is!  Homeopathy is great for acute conditions such as coughs and colds. It can not only help to ease the severity of the symptoms but also to shorten the duration of an illness. There are many homeopathic remedies for colds, coughs and sore throats. Regardless of […]

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